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About iHub

iHUB is short for The Innovation Hub of Utah County, a non-profit incubator created to assist young entrepreneurs in Utah County. Started in 2023, iHUB set forth to assist early-stage startups answer the questions and overcome the hurdles that impede the possibilities of so many creators.

Envisioned as a central location where entrepreneurs with a validated business idea can get an array of help to answer their questions and accelerate their growth, IHUB offers many resources to its entrepreneurs.

Our Comprehensive Support

iHUB offers a myriad of resources to empower entrepreneurs on their journey. Our
comprehensive support includes:



Receive personalized guidance from industry experts specializing in your business category.

Legal Contracts.png

Legal Contracts

Get expert counsel on your legal agreements.

Networking Events.png

Networking Events

Engage in weekly networking events to build valuable connections within our vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Social Media Counsel.png

Social Media Training

Craft effective social media strategies for your startup.


Early-Stage Accounting

Get assistance in setting up your financial foundation.

Pitch Deck Instruction.png

Pitch Deck Instruction

Learn the art of crafting a compelling pitch deck to captivate investors and stakeholders.


Intellectual Property

Protect your ideas with expert legal assistance.

Branding and Marketing.png

Branding and Marketing

Develop a compelling brand and marketing strategy.


Pitch Opportunities

Seize the chance to pitch your ideas to local angels and venture capitalists, opening doors to funding and support.

Corporation Formation.png

Corporation Formation

Navigate the complexities of company setup with our support.



Draw motivation and insights from top entrepreneurs in the community who have navigated similar paths.


And Much More

Our commitment goes beyond the listed services. Explore a wide range of resources tailored to accelerate your startup's growth.


Are you a young entrepreneur with a promising idea? Apply now to iHUB and greatly improve your chances of success...

Want to Get Involved?

As a non-profit, iHUB is for the community, by the community. Meaning the community brought the funds together to make this happen and it is community volunteers who provide the vital services to our entrepreneurs. What expertise can you provide to iHUB's entrepreneurs or bustling ecosystem? Please get involved...

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