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Tiny Bird Bakeshop

Ashley Mitchell

Tiny Bird Bakeshop is a gourmet custom cake and cupcake business that specializes in making desserts for holidays, over the top birthday parties, and corporate events.

Tiny Bird Bakeshop, a gourmet custom cake and cupcake company business, was founded in Orange County, California. In spring of 2021, 15 year old founder Ashley Mitchell decided to follow her passion for entrepreneurship and turn her hobby into a business. From baking cupcakes for her neighbors to baking countless cupcakes for large birthday bashes, corporate events, and TV segments, Tiny Bird Bakeshop has grown up alongside Ashley. Tiny Bird Bakeshop is now mainly based out of Provo, Utah where Ashley is working towards studying in the Entrepreneurial Management program at BYU. When Ashley isn’t baking, she is blogging her favorite recipes and posting about her favorite tips, tricks, and tools when it comes to baking.

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