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Mark Almond

SudStream promises to revolutionize the showering experience for all, introducing unparalleled levels of ease, efficiency, and safety to your daily shower routine.

Established in 2024, SudStream was born out of a profound observation of individuals grappling with the simple yet essential task of showering. Recognizing that this daily practice should be a rejuvenating part of one's routine, I couldn't ignore the reality that, for many, it was anything but. It became apparent, especially among seniors, that showering often entailed significant challenges, requiring assistance in various forms, whether through grab bars, shower chairs, or the aid of a caregiver.

Witnessing firsthand the discomfort and struggle endured by many during this basic act, I embarked on a mission to redefine the showering experience. SudStream emerged as the solution—designed to restore ease and safety to the bathing process. By automating tasks that were once time-consuming and cumbersome, SudStream not only alleviates the burden for seniors and those with physical limitations but also elevates the showering experience for anyone seeking a more enjoyable daily routine.

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