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Spot Parking

Cooper Young

Ryan Hagerty

Dean Smith

Using machine learning and computer vision, Spot Parking automates and streamlines parking enforcement processes, providing reliable, consistent, and fair enforcement of parking policies.

Spot Parking addresses the widespread issue of illegal parking on college campuses by leveraging machine learning and computer vision technology. With 27% of vehicles parked illegally and less than half of violations detected, the current enforcement system is ineffective. Spot Parking aims to revolutionize this system by automating enforcement processes. Using security cameras and license plate recognition technology, Spot Parking monitors parking areas in real-time, identifying violators and vehicles without valid permits. This approach eliminates the need for manual patrols, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. By addressing the shortcomings of existing solutions, Spot Parking provides a reliable, consistent, and fair enforcement of parking policies, ultimately improving the parking experience for everyone across campus.

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