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James Watson

Savor gives local restaurants an affordable way to market to thousands of new customers while giving them a better option to avoid food waste and users a new marketplace to find the best local restaurants.

Food waste and brand presence have always been an issue for local restaurants and nobody knew this better than former restaurant owner, Jimmy Watson. He worked tirelessly to market his restaurant and provide a good product to his customers, even though much of it went in the trash at the end of the night. After signing on with a service to alleviate both of these issues, Jimmy saw a lot of success and a high potential for others to use this service. He ended up selling his restaurant and buying the service to grow it further, which has evolved into Savor, an app-based marketplace for restaurants to market their food for 50% off. Our mission is to continue to solve these issues for the hundreds of thousands of local restaurants around the country, giving them new loyal customers that they would otherwise not be able to reach.

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