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Keaton Harris

Hunter Wilhelm

Resumake is the Tinder for getting a job! Swipe right to apply to millions of jobs nationwide!

"Of the 14 million job seekers between 16 and 26 who work while they are in school, 80% of them don't use hiring platforms to get a job! Resumake is the Tinder for getting a job, helping young job seekers and high-turnover employers connect quickly in an app that is simple and familiar.

Resumake makes it easy to talk to 20 employers within 20 minutes:
1. Fill out a universal application in under 3 minutes.
2. Build an AI-enhanced resume in only 15 minutes.
3. Swipe to apply to jobs near you, wherever you are!
4. Chat with employers directly from our mobile app.
5. Get hired and start your next job soon!

Resumake has millions of jobs listed across the nation. You're sure to find a connection wherever you might be!"

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