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Josh Hardman

Infinitely scale your personalized video outreach with advanced AI technology. Maximize conversions with personalized content that scales with you.

Personafy emerged organically as part of it's founder's (Josh Hardman) outbound prospecting efforts for his custom software development company. He knew video was the best way to stand out, but he quickly discovered how challenging it was to do at scale. He was only able to send 15 videos per day, and it simply wasn't sustainable. In an attempt to streamline his own process, he began applying AI technology and created a script to automate the video generation process. Instead of spending a full day recording 15 videos, he could now click a button and generate thousands with higher quality.

To his surprise, prospects loved the videos his script produced and even started to express interest in using the technology for their own marketing efforts. Personafy was born.

Personafy is now an AI video personalization platform — allowing sales and marketing teams to record once, and generate millions of hyper-customized videos for every user across each step of the customer journey with perfect voice and lip-sync.

Humanize your campaigns at scale with the power of generative AI.

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