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Caleb Richardson

Helperly is ending loneliness and it's detrimental effects on older adults. We bring education, activities and connection to older adults by partnering with senior care providers, helping providers grow their business.

Helperly is revolutionizing the way society views aging by tackling the widespread issue of loneliness among older adults, which has severe detrimental effects on their health and well-being.

By creating a dynamic platform, Helperly connects senior care providers (Assisted Living, Home Health, etc) directly with seniors, facilitating meaningful interactions and engagement.

This platform not only helps alleviate the feelings of isolation among older adults but also supports senior care providers in expanding their businesses more efficiently.

Through the platform, providers get in in front of prospective clients, weeks, months, and years earlier than they currently are for 10X cheaper. Providers can offer a variety of services including educational programs, recreational activities, and opportunities for social connection, using these activities to enhance their service offerings and reach a broader audience.

We want to prevent dementia, depression, and premature departure from this life for older adults by enhancing their lives, and enriching their later years with joy, community, and connection.

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