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Burst Fitness

Allison Roberts

Austin Wright

We make convenient fitness accessible to all women worldwide. Our mobile platform helps users get fit in 5 minutes a day anytime, anywhere, without equipment. =

Our mission is to make convenient fitness accessible all women worldwide. Burst Fitness has been shown to cut risk of death by cardiovascular disease in half, and to cut the risk of cancer and all-cause mortality by 40% in a study with over 72K participants. Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the world right now. By tackling this huge problem, we will save millions of lives.

We specialize in micro-behavioral changes. We build our users' confidence and habits, 1 minute of exercise at a time. Over 80% of women and over 75% of men don't get enough exercise daily. Clearly, the fitness industry isn't working for the vast majority of people. By making fitness easy and non-intimidating through micro-behavioral change, we will break through where others have failed.

Our Burst Fitness program only takes 5 minutes a day, and you don't even need to change your clothes! We provide the ultimate accessibility, in physical, mental, and time-related ways.

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