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Apply to Our Founders Floor

Are you an entrepreneur with a validated idea? Are you ready to take your idea and transform it into a reality? Follow this guide to get ready to apply to iHub.


1. The action of checking or proving the accuracy of something

2. The difference between an good idea and a great idea.

Step 1. What is Validation?

Step 2. Validate

Now that you know what validation is, make a plan and go get your idea validated.

Keep meticulous notes on who you talked to and what they said. Data like age, gender, race, income, occupation are all important details to record.

Validation might take multiple rounds and a number of pivots. Great ideas are not born over night, they are refined and developed everyday. Keep validating on every pivot. As the video suggests, hold multiple validation rounds before making a prototype as well as multiple rounds after you have a prototype. If you receive 70%+ positive feedback you will know your idea is worth moving forward.

Step 3. Apply

Watch this video explaining the purpose of iHub.

Once you have a validated idea, organize your data into a 15 min presentation. We are primarily interested in the research done on your validation.

As part of iHub you will receive:

  • A 1-2 year space on our founders floor.

  • Enrollment in our mentorship program which includes being paired with an expert mentor in your industry, road mapping resources, and monthly checkins with our in-house team.

  • Exclusive invites to weekly trainings and workshops by experts.

  • Free networking events with presentations from successful entrepreneurs.

  • Participation in pitch and shark-tank type events to raise capital for you company.

iHub is a nonprofit organization. We operate from the generous donations of entrepreneurs and businesses in Utah county. To sustain ourselves long term, iHub companies sign an investor agreement to help fund future generations of iHub entrepreneurs.

Once you have your presentation ready, fill out an application here.

After you fill out an application, we will reach out to you to schedule an in person meeting at our office to hear your pitch and answer any questions you have about iHub.

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